CCT Procedure for Receiving Packages in 216 Johnston Hall

Receptionist and/or student assigned to front desk are responsible for receiving packages. Below are the procedures for receiving and delivering packages:

1. Before signing for any package(s) verify that the address is correct (2nd floor of Johnston Hall) and that the number of boxes matches what is on the delivery ticket.
2. Fill out information on the receiving log completely.

Delivering (Delivery of packages will be scheduled once daily between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.)
1. Call recipient and let him/her know they have a package and that you are delivering the package them. If the recipient is not in their office leave a voicemail telling them that you will leave the package in their office.
2. Deliver the package to recipient's office. In the event they are not in their office and the office is locked, check-out the CCT master key located in 302A to gain access to the delivery office. Return/check-in master key once delivery is complete.
3. Delivery of package to recipient's office must be acknowledged by signature of recipient on receiving log, or -- when recipient is not available -- by printing the receivers name in the log.

Receiving log must be put back in proper place and CCT master key must be returned to room 302 when deliveries are complete.